Frequently asked questions

What is CrypTalk

CrypTalk is a first generation social media messaging platform created for only the crypto space and designed to reduce the dangers of investing in crypto currencies.

What is the mission?

Our mission at CrypTalk is simple and can be summed up as making crypto communication safe. We aim to provide a safe space for project creators and community members to exist in harmony without fear of scams or rug pulls. We can never 100% promise that there are not risks but we can guaranty that the risk is extremely less than on the current used platforms.

How do we plan to ensure safety?

All projects on our platform will have to through a rigorous onboarding process that will include:

- Fill out form
- Video Meeting
- KYC with our partner
- Verify Smart Contract Audit
- Published

When did CrypTalk Launch?

September 19, 2021 on Binance Smart Chain (PancakeSwap).

Why did we launch months before app release?

We need funding to finish the app. A large user base for the token will ensure a larger user base for the app when it comes out. We are able to focus on garnering interest and securing needed partners to make sure the app has all the features needed to make it a success.

Where can we attend to the AMA's?

You can attend our AMA's in our youtube channel:

CrypTalk Youtube

How to buy $CRYP token?

Use our Contract Address - 0xba926af457b69964c50f1e1fe5691c4

or Click Here

Why Dextool/Poocoin shows wrong Marketcap information?

Dextool and Poocoin is displaying our marketcap taking in consideration our total Supply.

The real marketcap is defined by the current supply in circulation.

Roadmap 2022?

Please refer to our Whitepaper