Frequently asked questions

How will token vesting work for private sale investors?

20% will be allocated at time of purchase and the rest will be released over a three month period following the release of the token using the platform Unicrypt. We will share instructions on how to claim locked tokens to the individuals who participated.

When will the app be released?

In Q4 by the end of the year. (Beta)

What is the mission? 

What is the mission? Our mission here at CrypTalk is simple and can be summed up as making crypto safe. We aim to provide a safe space for project creators and community members to exist in harmony with out fear of scams or rug pulls. While we can’t reduce the risk factor completely. We want to reduce as much of it as we can while giving the crypto space a social platform that is respectively focused only on crypto. 

What is CrypTalk?

CrypTalk is a first generation social media messaging platform created for only the crypto space and designed to reduce the dangers of investing crypto currencies. 

How do we plan to ensure safety? 

All projects on our platform will be verified by professional auditors with them also going through an extended registration process for the app itself. 

Why is the token launching months before the app? 

We need funding to finish the app. A large user base for the token will ensure a large user base for the app when it comes out. . We are able to focus on garnering interest and securing needed partners so make sure the app has all the features needed to make it a success. 

How will I generate a BSC wallet address? 

You will use your BNB smart chain address. The one that is under the receive feature in your wallet. It should be the same one you used for the whitelist.